Gas and Brakes

This morning, I had a whole post prepared on the happenings of our garden. All week, we have known exactly what we were doing, and had already mapped out every piece. But today, God gave us rain.

The rain gave us a break and allowed us to think logically (not just with a go-get-em attitude). We realized that we were about to give ourselves some very short deadlines on a huge amount of work, which would make something we love incredibly stressful.

Our plan is to dig the hill out into descending levels, think really long stairs, and place our raised beds in a row down each one. This will minimize our gardening losses with future floods, and keep us from wasting all of our time and energy on something that doesn’t bear fruit.

It’s a great idea! It’s going to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And I really and truly can’t wait. But where we were falling short, was trying to accomplish all of this, and have our plants in the ground by next weekend. Next. Weekend. Are we crazy? Yes. Yes, we are.

So our loving God stepped in and had us cool our jets. Which I thought was a perfect opportunity to share a little bit of our insides with you. Is that weird?

It was not by accident that I married a man who shares my beliefs down to his core. I can follow him anywhere, and never question whether he is making the right decision. Because I know without a doubt, every thing he does has already been brought before God. Even better than that, if we do something out of our own will and drive, we know almost immediately when it blows up in our face. 🙂

My younger brother said it perfectly. God controls my steering wheel, I just control the gas and brakes. That is our approach as well. Morgan says that he just keeps traveling down paths until he find one that doesn’t dead end. I refer to it as throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. But the bottom line is all the same, we make the effort to move forward, and allow God to control which way we go, all the while looking for His cue that we need to pump the brakes a little and wait for redirection.

In coming posts, you will see many of our ideas and intentions. And then you will notice that they change, morph, and sometimes end up abandoned along the journey. You may think to yourself that we are all over the map, or can’t seem to make up our mind. But now, you’ll know why.

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Monica is dreamer and voice behind Ethie and Co. When she is not destroying the kitchen, you can find her outside tending to her gaggle of animals.


    1. I read this teary eyed, as it hit home. I guess sometimes I just need to pump the breaks. Great read! Thanks for putting life back into perspective for me.

      1. Slowing down can be the hardest thing to do when all you want is to muscle through and get results. I was nervous about laying our inner thoughts and beliefs out on the table, but am so glad this resonated with you! ❤

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