Our Latest Project: The Bunkhouse

Happy day-after Valentine’s Day!

Did you eat too much and have way too many sweets? I did!! And it was definitely worth it.

I have been ever-so-patiently waiting to share this excitement with you. I felt adamantly that I needed to tell you about the beautiful, wonderful, amazing gifts we received from the flood before getting down to the nitty gritty.

It has been six months since the waters receded from The Flood of the Fawns (2016), and we are finally starting to get things back in order. Hip, Hip! Hooray!!! While we were very fortunate regarding our house (thanks to my husband’s wonderful foresight), our bunkhouse (built in the 1930’s) did not fare as well.

Every summer, as an extension of his business, we run overnight camps for a week at a time. It is a wonderfully fulfilling and utterly exhausting season, but we love it. Our hope is to gut, level, and remodel this house before the camp season. It is a tall order, but I think we will get there just fine.

The Damage

Our flood waters stayed up for about a month, which means that for a month this house had over a foot of water in it. We tried to help it air out by opening the windows and doors as soon as the water came in. I am so glad that we made that tiny effort. I can’t even imagine how much mold there could have been!

The Back Room

The Living Room
The Bunk Rooms

The Clean Out

You’re excited now too, aren’t you? What is she going to look like when we are finished? Who knows! We definitely have our work cut out for us, and by me, I mean Morgan. Poor Morgan.

I can’t tell you guys how relieved we feel to finally start on this frog. It has been looming over our heads for almost a year while we pondered over our options. Keeping it will be far more work, but should be worth it.

Stay tuned to see how demolition goes!

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Monica is dreamer and voice behind Ethie and Co. When she is not destroying the kitchen, you can find her outside tending to her gaggle of animals.

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