The New King

I have recently discovered something that blew. my. mind. It challenged everything I had ever been told about the ways of the world. It made me a new woman! I’m totally joking. It really wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was surprising.

Do you want to know?

I’ll tell you.

My chickens are BRILLIANT!

Say Whaaat??

Before you go off thinking I am a lunatic, let me tell you what happened!

I was outside sitting in our spot and stopped to take photos of the birds that had come to keep me company.

Out of nowhere, Renauldo let out a creaky low grumble that sounded like he needed some WD-40 sprayed down his throat. Suddenly ALL of my chickens, from every corner of the yard start running. From behind the garden, over by the parked cars, behind the shed, literally everywhere. They made an absolute mad dash into the coop.

I looked up into the sky, and there were crows flying overhead. I laughed and thought to myself how goofy all of my little bird brains were. How could they not tell the difference between a crow and a hawk? No sooner had I finished my thought, when the crows came around from behind the house. Y’all. Sneaky as all get out, a Red Tailed Hawk had infiltrated their formation!! It was certainly NOT four crows, but three crows and a little hawk.

As they flew back around, I heard the WD-40 sound again from behind me. All chickens were hiding, except for Renauldo, who was sitting out in front of the coop and looking around. He waited a bit and came out a little further. He looked up at the trees, then around the side of the coop. One crow. Some more looking, a little more waiting, a little further walking. Two more crows. All of the chickens start talking to each other again and slowly make their way out of the coop.


I am so embarrassed to say, but I thought that Renauldo was a little bit slower than all the rest of the birds. Every time a hawk flew over, I would notice him standing outside in the open. I thought he deserved to be eaten by a mean old hawk if he was just going to stand there. But I didn’t know! I take it all back!! He is the most amazing rooster known to man!

Sure, some of his babies have beards, which I don’t like. And yeah, he is always loud and crowey if I’m on the phone. But I love him. He is our resident whistle-blower, the defender of lives, the protector from hawks! And from this day forward, he will be regarded as the champion we now know him to be. King Renauldo.

Long live King Renauldo!

More about Monica

Monica is dreamer and voice behind Ethie and Co. When she is not destroying the kitchen, you can find her outside tending to her gaggle of animals.

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    1. It is just amazing how he protects his girls. All the while, standing out in the open. He’s definitely a keeper!! Good King Renauldo.

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