Bunkhouse Progress Report: The Demolition

Are you guys so excited to see how we destroyed the bunkhouse? If you missed out on the backstory, click around to see our last flood and the damage it caused.

Truth be told, I have been holding out on you. I am embarrassed to say that these photos were taking on the fifth of February. Which was only three days after my husband started clearing out the furniture.

I’m sorry. I know. I will try to get better about keeping you in the current loop, it’s just that so many different things happen that I am excited to tell you about! It’s inevitable that something falls through the cracks.

In the spirit of honesty, I will admit that the weather has also played a part in my withholding of information. The next step in our renovation process is to level the house (which I wanted to include in this post), and there is absolutely no way that we can get a crew out here with things as sopping wet as what they have been. I have not gone outside without my mud boots on for as far back as I can remember. Thank goodness the sun decided to make an appearance this week! I was starting to get depressed.

Once we got all of the furniture out, things didn’t look quite as daunting. I say we, but I mean Morgan. That will happen a lot in this story. Our first step was to determine how much of the dry wall had been compromised, and how far up the wall had become moldy.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed smashing into those walls with a hammer. Only two feet of dry wall had rotted, but the mold spread up the inside of the wall about a foot further. To be on the safe side, Morgan cut a line four feet up the wall. Normally, he would have shot a laser around the room to draw his line, but he is also doing renovations at his facility. The trim we had removed certainly came in handy, as you can see below.

After pressure washing, and spraying with a good dose of Kilz, that yucky mold won’t stand a chance. As a side note, notice that there were only three panels of insulation in this entire house. Morgan went through the entire process without seeing a cockroach until arriving at the insulation, which was home to more than he could count. So when we go back and add insulation, and in any future building projects, we will only be using spray-in insulation.

I thought that was information worth passing along. If you are anything like me, cockroaches are the enemy and to be avoided at all costs.

And can we talk about this bathroom? The tile behind the original tub (which is made out of cast iron) was anchored to two inches of cement. It took Morgan just as long to clear that bathroom as it did to finish the living, dining, and two bedrooms! Needless to say, he skipped arm day that week.

I am so anxious for us to move on to the next step and get this bad boy leveled. There is nothing more exciting than starting a project with a blank slate! I have a feeling that I will spend the next few weeks up to my eyeballs in design and architecture magazines, as we figure out how to breathe new life into these beautiful old bones.

Have y’all done a remodel before?  My husband is no stranger to work like this, but I’m a first timer, so tips and tricks are more than welcome! Let me know in the comments below, or tag us on Instagram @ethieandco.

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