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A funny thing happens when your crock pot is spilling condensation all over the place. It’s a little thing, that is easy to overlook. But at the same time, it’s a pretty important thing. It can definitely alter the course of your intended meal.

So what happens?

You run out of liquid.

I had two crock pots running yesterday. One was the most delicious axis roast known to man, and the other was a big ol’ batch of chicken breasts for chicken salad.

The roast came out beautifully tender and packed full of flavor. I wish I could share the recipe, but it was one of those add a little of this and a little of that dishes. I am not certain that even I know how to repeat it.

The chicken, on the other hand, was completely dry and looked like it had been turned into jerky! There goes $9 straight down the drain. Fortunately, I had just enough chicken left in the fridge to make Morgan’s lunch for today. So the man won’t go hungry (a nice change of pace for him).

I’ve only had a major dry out once before, and it just so happened to be when I was using that particular crock. Needless to say, that little fellow is going to take a hike. He belongs in my kitchen, NO longer!

Thank you guys for letting me vent, I think I needed to get that out of my system. Now, let’s move on to exciting and wonderful things.

Let’s talk about the other night.

Sunday Night

I was sitting in this very spot working on a post (intended for today, actually), when I heard a terrible cat fight on the back porch. I threw on the lights and ran outside to find my two adorable best friend kitties, fighting each other as Tree Cat (a stray) jumped back over the fence.

As the tufts of fur settled to the ground, there was the most adorable combination of confusion, surprise, and betrayal on their faces. From their behavior following, my guess is that a very pregnant Kitten mistakenly went for Ranger in the madness. As soon as the lights were on, she immediately regretted her behavior and began following Ranger around (who was not having it), trying to rub up against her and snuggle. It was precious!

All of the excitement proved to be too much for Kitten, though. As I went to get up, I realized her water had broken. Into the house we went, straight to her newly designated “birthing area” AKA the downstairs shower. I sat with her and waited, just to make sure everything went well, and I am so relieved that I did!

Due to the circumstances during which she went into labor, she had not fully dilated. Pair that with an abnormally large baby, and you have yourself a potential problem. In between contractions, she repositioned herself and I happened to get a glimpse of a little bitty tail coming out. The baby was no longer in its sac, and she was stuck in the birth canal.

Morgan to the rescue! He is seriously so good at this stuff, I don’t know what I would do without him. In his mid-slumberous state, he stumbled into the bathroom with gloved hands and our animal designated Vaseline. (I am so sorry, I know this is a little graphic.) He was able to reposition the baby, and lubricate mama enough to get him halfway out, but she was still struggling to push him through. At this point, we were considering this baby a loss, as we have found that the ones who lose their sacs are less likely to survive. But by timing it with her contraction, he was able to pull the shoulders through so Kitten could push him out. Low and behold, the biggest, squirmiest, strongest little babe was born. It was no wonder she had a difficult birthing process!

From there on out, it was smooth sailing. By morning, Kitten was a proud mama to three kittens. (See what I did there?) And I am pleasantly inundated with little orange balls of fluff. Ahh, the joys of spring! So keep us in mind if you are looking for a new addition to your family come mid-May. I’m pretty sure these are going to be the cutest cats ever!

I’d love to hear from you! Have you seen your first new babies of the year?

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Monica is dreamer and voice behind Ethie and Co. When she is not destroying the kitchen, you can find her outside tending to her gaggle of animals.

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