The Ebb and Flow of Life

My, oh my. It feels as though this month has been ridiculously sporadic– in terms of Ethie and Co. and otherwise! Probably because it has.

I have this really awful habit of feeling like I have everything figured out. It is great, as long as things are going my way. But as the cracks in the plan begin to show, I am suddenly filled with self-doubt. This continues until I finally remember that I have no control over my life, nor do I want to, and I have to hand it all back over to God. So I won’t make any promises today of how I will get us back on our normal schedule, because (clearly) that is not up to me. If it were, you and I would have been talking every Wednesday and Friday, and possibly on Mondays as well.

Alas, we have been long distance friends. I’m sure you have heard that cute little saying. Together forever and never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart. It speaks to your soul, doesn’t it? I knew you felt the same! And can I just tell you how much I have missed you? Really and truly! I didn’t realize how much I was benefiting from our little meetings, but it is wonderful for my mental health. This little hidey hole is definitely one of my happy places.

Now the real question is, where did we leave off? I believe the last time we spoke, I was in the midst of the guilt/self-doubt stage of losing control, whilst sitting on a plane headed to the beautiful state of California. Well let me tell you, the trip was wonderful! Friday, or the next time we have a chance to sit together, I will tell you all about our West Coast escapades. But first, let’s talk a little about why I have been away, because you really can’t make this stuff up.

On our flight home from Cali, Morgan and I experienced a rather lengthy layover, incredible delays, and a temporarily diverted flight due to weather. We were in airports and on planes for a whopping sixteen hours! Can you believe that? We finally made it home just before 1am Tuesday morning (four hours before he had to wake up for work). Talk about a long day! When I finally awoke around 10am, I felt like I had been hit by a freight train. You all know the feeling. When you’ve worked a twelve hour shift, or explored a new city by foot. When your feet hit the ground the following morning, your body feels internally crunchy.

The Madness

Tuesday morning, after I had finished stretching out my crunchy bits, my sweet mother called inviting me to accompany (and chauffeur) her to the hospital for some quick tests. I was happy to oblige and get some good Q.T. in with her, but we got a whole lot more time together than either of us anticipated. That poor woman had been walking around for who knows how long, with pulmonary emboli in both lungs! (If you want to sound fancy and hip with the medi-jargon, you can say “bilateral pulmonary emboli”. You are welcome.) We hadn’t even made it out of the hospital when her doctor called her with the results and told her to head to the emergency room to get admitted. And just like that, our short little trip turned into an impromptu sleepover.

The next day, I headed home to do my usual feeding routine and pack an overnight bag. I had not enjoyed running around the night before with my bum exposed. I learned the night before, that hospital gowns and night gowns are not entirely interchangeable. Before I had even completed my tasks, my mother called in a panic. Something was wrong with her husband, and he needed me to pick him up and take him to the E.R. I finished throwing everything in a bag and made a beeline to scoop him up. And my goodness, we were all grateful that we only live twenty minutes apart. He was in excruciating pain when I got there, and I wasn’t entirely certain that we would make it to my mother’s hospital, but he was a complete trooper and pulled through for me.

Can you imagine how awful it would have been to have them at two different hospitals almost an hour apart? Fortunately, that did not happen. We made it to the same hospital, lickity split to figure out what on earth was causing him so much pain. And guess what. They admitted him. After making my request known to every nurse, doctor, patient coordinator, and pharmacist I encountered, we were able to get the two of them on the same floor so they could at least see each other. And I must admit, watching her get wheeled into his room so they could hold hands and sweet talk one another was quite precious. We all stayed up a little late that night, while I chaperoned the two lovebirds, until we were told it was time to say our “goodnights”. It hardly took anytime once she and I returned to her room for us to pass out.

Monica! Hurry and wake up! They are taking him in to surgery!!

Okay, so let’s just stop right there and take a second to talk about that moment. My poor mother was not allowed to leave her floor, and was confined to the restraints of a wheelchair. She couldn’t come down to see her husband when I brought him to the emergency room, and had to wait for hours in her room before laying eyes on him. And now, he was heading to an O.R. for the first time, and she was not able to go to pre-op to meet the doc. She couldn’t sit in the waiting room to wait for updates. And she couldn’t meet him in recovery as he awoke. I can not imagine sitting helpless in a hospital room as Morgan had a procedure done, I would ab-so-lutely loose my mind. I am so proud of her for keeping herself together throughout that whole week. I really don’t know if I would have been able to not burst into tears at the drop of a hat, had I been in her shoes.

Well, in case you were wondering, everything turned out beautifully! He returned to his room a few hours later and she was wheeled over faster than he was back in bed. With both of them out of the “danger zone” (or really out of the unknown), I left to take care of each of our houses, and get some much needed rest. AND I got to see my husband for the first time since we got home from the airport. It was so exciting! I think God knew I was wore out and in need of a little gift. The next morning, within hours of each other, they were both given their discharge orders and were able to go home together.

So, long story short (or I guess long story long), I have been pulled in every direction other than here, but I am so grateful that I was able to be present when they were in need. And while I did miss you all terribly, I knew that you would understand and still be here waiting while I took care of my sweetest loves. As I said before, I am making absolutely no promises on when we will speak next, since life can sometimes get in the way, and other tasks can have a much higher priority. But I am really hoping that we have a little sit down on Friday. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Until next time! xo

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