A Gift for Her – Come Sail Away

I almost started this by referencing last week’s post, but it was actually from Wednesday! Which, as I write this, was yesterday. My goodness it has been a crazy week trying to get back into our normal patterns. Not that I am complaining, we had so many things to get in order!

Chicks were hatched. Older chicks were moved. Ducks went swimming. Yes, it was precious. Pigs were moved. And spring cleaning went into full effect in the Gilliam house. If you only knew the amount of goodies that left this house for donations today, your head would spin. I can’t even express how excited I am to be eliminating clutter! It feels as though all is right in the world again.

Back to where I had attempted to begin. Wednesday, I shared with you what I gave my darling husband for our paper anniversary. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about what the sweetest man on earth gave me! 

But first, a little back story. Ha! You didn’t think I would give you the sweet stuff that quickly, did you?

When we were initially reeling from all of the flooding, we had the brilliant idea to sell everything we own and buy a boat to sail the world. Because, obviously, we were sick of the water. So we needed to completely surround ourselves with water. I know, we are goofy people, but this was a serious plan. We had shopped all different kinds of trawlers and trollers, looking for our new “mobile home”. Eventually, our flight response wore off, and we made the necessary adjustments to get our home and property back on course, laying the boat plans to rest (at least for now).

Okay, now to the glorious gift! I was handed two packages, one small box and a manilla envelope. I opened the box first to find a beautiful sailboat charm for my bracelet. It was very pretty, but it had no relevance to me. I was quite confused, but did as I was told and moved on to the envelope. What I found still had me puzzled. A sailing manual and log book. Let’s blame it on jet lag, and say that all of the pistons weren’t firing upstairs, but for the life of me I couldn’t understand why he would give me a manual. And then he explained himself.

The Plan

There is a whole weekend set up! We will head to a town nearby on the coast and stay the night in a hotel. In the morning, we will clothe ourselves in the appropriate attire and head to our private sailing class! Neither Morgan nor myself have ever been on a sailboat, and certainly don’t know how to maneuver one. I am so thrilled that we will get one-on-one two-on-one instruction, so that we have a total understanding of what we are supposed to do. After spending the whole day out on the water, we will be treated to a candlelit dinner on the boat, and then stay the night on one of their other sailboats! It will be an absolute dream!

When we had looked at boats a year ago, there were so many beautiful sailboats that we never even considered, because the idea of trying to sail was so daunting. It is nowhere near as easy to understand as a powerboat. But at the same time, I would be willing to bet a powerboat is nowhere near as enjoyable as sailing. Can’t you just see us now? Hand in hand. Sailing off on the ocean blue. And of course, we will need sailing outfits. And new sailing shoes. (I was informed that both of which are included in the gift.)

If anyone can’t find me, I will be stuck with my nose in a book. I cannot wait to complete this manual so we can get. out. on. the. WATER!! Do any of you know how to sail, or have you been on a sailboat? I am currently a sponge for sailing information, so please share below any tips, tricks, or stories of your experience! I’m going to need all the help I can get.

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